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Marginal Meaning

Inhalt: Bedeutung; Aussprache; Verwendungsbeispiele; Steigerung und Deklination. Bedeutung. Das Adjektiv marginal bedeutet bildungssprachlich „am Rande. Many translated example sentences containing "marginal Definition" – English-​German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Many translated example sentences containing "marginal definition" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

Many translated example sentences containing "marginal Definition" – English-​German dictionary and search engine for English translations. marginal – Schreibung, Definition, Bedeutung, Etymologie, Synonyme, Beispiele | DWDS. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'marginal' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache.

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Marginal Meaning 12/5/ · Marginal definition: If you describe something as marginal, you mean that it is small or not very important. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. marginal: 1 adj at or constituting a border or edge “the marginal strip of beach” Synonyms: fringy peripheral on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary; the outer area adj just barely adequate or within a lower limit “a marginal victory” Synonyms: bare narrow very limited in degree adj of questionable or minimal quality “ marginal. Most people chose this as the best definition of marginal: The definition of margina See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.

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Mehr lesen. From NPR. Translator tool. The difference between the two bids was marginal. marginal - just barely adequate or within a lower limit; "a bare majority"; "a marginal victory". marginal. Use the word marginal when something is minimal or barely enough. If you buy lemons and sugar, make lemonade and set up a stand on the street corner, but sell only a couple of glasses, your profits will be marginal. Definition of marginal. 1: written or printed in the margin of a page or sheet marginal notes. 2 a: of, relating to, or situated at a margin or border. b: not of central importance regards violence as a marginal rather than a central problem also: limited in extent, significance, or stature had only marginal success with the business. marginal meaning: 1. very small in amount or effect: 2. of interest to only a few people: 3. A marginal political. Learn more. Marginal definition: If you describe something as marginal, you mean that it is small or not very important. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Lehmanns Verlag Such information Free Cell Card Game be made available to a large group of farmers at low marginal cost. However, one does not want to see this legislation tip the scales against the interests of the in-betweens, or marginals. Kostenlos abonnieren und jeden Tag ein neues Fremdwort lernen Erhalten Sie mit unserem kostenlosen Newsletter jeden Morgen das Wort des Tages zugeschickt.

Manufacturing is only a marginal sector in the UK these days. Their contribution to business strategy has been marginal. Their sales volumes are marginal.

For years , these marginal operators have only just managed to keep going and banks will not look at them favorably.

These MPs have rural seats , many of them marginal. Examples of marginal. That is referred to as your marginal tax rate.

From CNN. I thought she'd forever be marginal , forever be medicated. From NPR. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Even marginal reductions in fishing efforts now suggest that we could return to current fishing catch levels, but sustainably, by From Ars Technica.

And thinking about the marginal trade off we are making tells us the possible gain is not worth the cost. From The Atlantic. Water has greater total utility satisfaction we get from consuming a given total quantity of a good or service while diamonds have greater marginal utility satisfaction we get from purchasing one more.

If my workers produce units per week, what would the extra worker produce if I had employees? When we are paid more, most of us do not spend all that extra income — some of it is saved.

Very few of us save one-hundred percent of any extra money we receive. To find the average of anything, you simply divide the total by the number of units.

Any benefits gained from adding the additional unit of activity are marginal benefits. One such benefit occurs when marginal revenue exceeds marginal cost, resulting in a profit from new items sold.

A company experiences the best results when production and sales continue until marginal revenue equals marginal cost.

Beyond that point, the cost of producing an additional unit will exceed the revenue generated. When marginal revenue falls below marginal cost, firms typically adopt the cost-benefit principle and halt production, as no further benefits are gathered from additional production.

The formula for marginal revenue can be expressed as:. To assist with the calculation of marginal revenue, a revenue schedule outlines the total revenue earned, as well as the incremental revenue for each unit.

The first column of a revenue schedule lists the projected quantities demanded in increasing order, and the second column lists the corresponding market price.

The product of these two columns results in projected total revenues, in column three. At, on, or close to the margin or border.

Close to a margin or limit, esp. Minimal; limited. Minor; insignificant; not central. On the border between being profitable and being unprofitable.

Designating land unlikely to produce crops profitably. What is the definition of marginal cost? MC indicates the rate at which the total cost of a product changes as the production increases by one unit.

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Flexion, und zwar meist im Gesetzgebung Englisch Marginalien ; später belegt sind singularische Formen wie Marginal n.
Marginal Meaning Understanding the Schalke Morgen Rate of Technical Substitution The marginal rate of technical substitution is the rate at which a factor must decrease and another must increase to retain the same level of productivity. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. We are thankful for obscure words. Need even more definitions? A constituency won with Marginal Meaning small margin. Written or printed in the margin of a page or sheet. Related Terms Marginal Profit Marginal profit is the profit earned by a firm or individual when one additional unit is produced and sold. Binokel Kartenspiel scrolling for more More Definitions for marginal marginal. From TIME. Beefee formula for marginal revenue Kostenlos Online be expressed as:. You can also find related Party Brettspiele Für Erwachsene, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Tedious and uninspiring. The speaker uses the example of a lady who owns an apple orchard. In Bristol West, Labour had a majority of only 1, so the seat is considered highly marginal this time around. Unions are increasingly marginal in our economy, as well as in our popular culture. Take the quiz Add Diction Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a
Marginal Meaning relating to or at the edge or margin. minor and not important; not central. (of a decision or distinction) very narrow; borderline. a seat in a parliament or on a council that is held by a small majority and is at risk in an election.


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